Old beyond their years

I have begun to notice a disturbing tendency in my children. It isn't always obvious, and sometimes I go for weeks without noticing, but it is there nonetheless if I look for it: they are growing up.

Yesterday I had the kids in the car. I flip channels on TV and the radio very rapidly, usually knowning in less than a second if it is something I want to watch/listen to. I was changing the radio stations and scanned quickly through the song "Let's Get It Started" by the Black-Eyed Peas. I had moved on in less than a second when from the back seat:

Allison: "Dad, turn that back. That was the "Get Started" song!"
Me, amazed: "How did you know that?"
Alex: "We hear it sometimes when Mom drives."

They proceeded to sing most of the words, including all the "yeah yeahs" and "uh huhs", spot on. Amazing.


scottcrocker said...

Um...our kids love that song, too. You're not alone :)

Ellen said...

Another "older than..." anecdote that I forgot to share: When I was there last week Allison let her temper get the best of her and as I was asked to do I sent her to sit on the stairs to "think about it". After an extended period of crying Alex said "Gramma let me talk to her!" He then went to the stairs and while I did not hear the entire conversation, I did hear him say "Are you under control now?" "Okay what do you say?" "Who do you say it to?" He then came and told me "She won't be crying any more Gramma!" At which point he held the door open for Allison and said "Go ahead!" She then apologized to me and went about her business. I was so impressed with Alex's "grownup" help. Wanted you to know!!

Sara said...

that's hillarious! Anne's busted, hehehe