Sending Associates Conference

I (Anne) just returned from one week in Orlando, Florida. Apart from enjoying the Florida sunshine, which coming from the NW I truly appreciate, I was there as part of Campus Crusade's Sending Associate Conference. A Sending Associate is a role within Campus Crusade that works specifically with our new staff applicants. We assess, evaluate, hire and develop individuals and then send them to the mission field. I've served in this role for 4 years, and I absolutely love it. As a mom, I feel that my impact (while limited because of my responsibilites at home) is great because God is using me to influence new missionaries who will serve across the US and the world.

Last spring I was asked by Crusade's National Sending and Recruiting team to help give leadership to this conference. This was one of the largest responsibilities I've taken on in my 8+ years on staff, and I must say, most enjoyable. I felt confident in my ability, not only because of how the Lord has gifted me, but also because of a highly qualified team I was working with out of Orlando. Over the course of 4 days we trained new Sending Associates and fine-tuned the skills of those who have been doing this far longer than I.

I believe in Crusade's process that one goes through in order to join our staff full-time. If it remains one that both serves and develops our applicants, I'm convinced we will continue to send more and more laborers into the mission field.

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Shannon Lewis said...

Be encouraged to visit next time you're down south...Orlando's only about 6 hours (not far, considering now you live about 24 hours away!)...or we could visit in Florida...