God is powerful even here...

at Lewis and Clark College. Determined by the Princeton Review to be the fourth most spiritually apathetic university in America, LC has a well-deserved reputation for skepticism. I wrote morre about LC here.

Anyway, one of my team members, Joe, recently set up an appointment with a baseball player who had indicated during our outreaches the first week of school that he would like to talk about spiritual things with someone. Joe called him up and they got together.

As Joe talked with Eric, he asked Eric if he wanted to hear about how he could know God and know he would have eternal life. Eric was more than excited to listen as Joe shared his own story about knowing Jesus. A short time later, Eric asked Jesus in to his life!

Joe is now meeting with Eric to help him learn and grow in his new relationship with God. Please pray for Eric as these first weeks are critical for him to become established in his realationship.

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