My girl

Before we had kids, I wasn't sure how I would do with a girl. I am not the most sensitive guy. I have no feminine side to get in touch with, and I tend to be very direct when I communicate. I am oblivious to fashion, and I have no grid to process cosmetics of any kind, be it makeup, paint, or fancy curtains.

I must say, I have been surprised by Allison. I love to go to her tea parties; I love to listen to her talk about "beautiful stuff" (makeup and hair care); I love to watch her TV shows with her. Tonight she and I watched "The Saddle Club", a show about three girls, their horses, and the adventures they all have together. I had a great time watching it, too.

Laugh at me if you want (but don't expect me to laugh at you laughing at me - my daughter gets a pass that no one else does!). She has been talking about Saddle Club all week. Every day she has asked me if it was going to be on today or another day. Her excitement has been contagious.

I have long thought that most Christians think too harshly of God. Yes, he is righteous and sinless and will judge. Yes, some will be condemned in his sight. But for those of us who stand as children of the Father through a relationship with Jesus, does he not love us exceedingly more than we fathers love our own children?

The Bible says that God "delights" over his people (children). If I delight at Allison's tea parties and girlie TV shows, which believe me are way out of my realm, how much more can we be certain that God the Father loves us, wants us to have good things, and is delighted when we are pleased with his blessings?

I hope that we all can learn to be loved by God the way that he really would have us be loved by him. I hope that just as Allison's excitement was contagious for her TV show, that Jesus' assurances that the Father is wanting to love us and be our True Father will be contagious too.


matt said...

You and Anne are my and Vicky's shining example of parenting. Having spent time with various parents and their kids, we respect you guys the most. We hope that we can be as good of parents as you guys are. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example.

Adam & Anne said...

Thanks Matt, that means a lot to us.

Sara said...

wow, what a great blog! it really made me smile. I bet God delights in watching Alias with me like you do with Allison. :) i love hearing a father's love for his children! One reason why maybe because its not common to hear or see... Its like our culture has placed restraints on dads' overt expression of love towards their children because of the strict definitions of "masculinity". At least thats one reason. But it makes me appreciate and respect dads that much more who go to great lenghts to love their children. One of many reasons i respect you: you're a good dad adam. :)

Stacie said...

I most heartily concur with my roomie--I think it's great when dads are crazy about their girls! The great thing is that as crazy about her as you are, I'm betting you still make her tow the line... Also, you will probably be pretty good at playing the intimidating dad when she gets to the dating years...

And yes, Sara, Jesus smiles when we watch Alias. Considering how happy it makes Him, it's like we're doing the world a favor by using our Saturdays so constructively... =)