Alex gets it

Last week I spoke at two different home Bible studies on two different nights. I enjoy sharing our ministry with others, but it usually drags a little on me because I have to be away from my family in the evening.

This time around I wanted to find out if Alex is finally old enough to come with me to some of my "meetings" (as the kids call anytime Dad leaves the house). I took him along to the first one, and he did great! He was polite and respectful to the adults, he behaved himself, and even cleaned up after himself when it was time to leave. (Seriously, I looked him over to see if someone had injected him with something!)

When we got home I told him he did so well that he could come with me again to my next meeting. He asked me if Allison could come too!

Me: "No, buddy, I don't think so."
Alex: "Why not, Dad?"
Me: "Well, Alex, what happens when you and Allison are around each other sometimes?"
Alex: "Ooooohhhhh, riiiight, goofing around."

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