Lewis and Clark College

Friday saw our staff team visit Lewis and Clark College. "LC" is known as the fourth-most spiritualy apathetic school in the country, according to the Princeton Review. However, in an interesting turn of thought, they allow Christian groups free access to their dorms to meet students and talk about spiritual things.

The school figures that free speech and the free exchange of ideas are too important to deny access to anyone who would seek to respectfully engage the student body in honest dialogue. So, as liberal and apathetic as LC is known to be, they are one of the only schools in the country where you can walk into a dorm, knock on any door, and talk to a willing student.

In spite of this freedom, the campus has been historically quite hostile to Christians. A few years ago, some students who were leading a Bible study were the victims of break-in where their Bibles and Bible study materials had Satanic symbols gouged into them, and their door was painted with "We don't want your kind here, Christians!"

We were on campus last week for Freshman Orientation. We met Freshmen as they moved in, did some Spiritual Interest Surveys, handed out FSKs, and spent time praying with the CCC student leaders. We saw quite a bit of interest among Freshmen for our group, and everyone we talked with was grateful for the free FSKs.

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