What's wrong with this picture?

You've seen those picture puzzles, right? "There are five things wrong with this picture. What are they?" Well, Anne and I saw a living tableau of this at our house the other night...

We were sitting in our family room talking with Alex about school. Allison was upstairs playing, when we heard the unmistakeable sound of something (or someone) falling down the stairs. Whatever or whoever it was impacted the door by the bottom of the stairs hard enough to rattle the walls.

My first thought was, "That wasn't good." But then there was nothing but silence. Thinking that could be really, really bad, like an unconscious little girl, I hurried over to see what happened. When I opened the door, the tableau presented itself.

At the bottom of the stairs was Allison's toy baby carriage, crashed on its side, with two baby dolls flung about like so much footage from a high-school driver's ed video ("Stuffing on the Highway"). Their baby pillow lay a couple feet away, thrown clear by the impact. Standing next to the carriage with a dazed look on her face was Allison...not wearing any pants.

It would be a trip to reconstruct the thought processes that led to the removing of one's pants and the flinging of babies and carriage down the stairs. Pure gold.

And remember, laughing only encourages it.

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