Mount Hood Community College

In Gresham, OR, at the extreme eastern end of our Portland Metro scope, is Mount Hood Community College. It is a typical community college...commuting students who work full time in addition to taking classes, and very little on-campus involvement of any kind. Community colleges are notoriously difficult to minister on.

For years CCC has had very sporadic presence there. Last year, things changed, however. Josiah, our team representative at Mount Hood, did two things well (he does many other things well, too - roofer, reader, rockclimber, etc.). First, he established a partnership to reach the campus with a pastor from Good Shepherd Community Church in nearby Boring, OR. They have taken over responsibilities for planning the weekly gathering, providing Bible teaching and worship each week.

The second thing Josiah did was find a Freshman named David last year. David has been the "right" leader for Mount Hood. His energy and organizational leadership have driven CCC at Mount Hood to another level. Last spring, not only did David help build the group, but he also planned a New Orleans trip during Spring Break, recruited 21 other student from MHCC to go with him, and raised a few thousand dollars to fund their trip. It has been nothing short of amazing to watch David act out the vision God has given him for his campus.

Now, Josiah is able to focus on guiding David and keeping good relations with the church, which frees him up to open and coach ministries elsewhere.

This is what Campus Crusade ministry in a large city is all about!

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