A Good Meeting

Thursday night saw Me (Adam) sitting outside a Starbucks in Salmon Creek, WA, near Washington State - Vancouver waiting for anyone to show up. I was hosting an informational meeting for students interested in starting a Campus Crusade group at WSU-V. I have been to many of these types of info meetings over the years, and it is never a sure thing that anyone will show up. If they do, it is never a sure thing that the students that do show up will display the aptitude to lead a ministry.

This time, though, three students showed up. All three were fun, sociable, an seemingly willing to get a ministry off the ground. I explained to them what CCC is about, what we want to see happen on a campus, and how they could lead it. We talked for a while, and they are thinking it over. Our Portland team is holding a day-long student leadership summit on Saturday September 16th, and I invited these three to come to it, meet other student leaders in Portland, and get an idea of what role they could play.

We'll see what happens. Getting these groups started is for me the hardest part. We need the right students, the right campus advisor, and the right volunteer and financial resources. Please pray these things come together.

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