My nemesis, redux

Yep, we paid a fortune for this one, but we'll have heat:

The electrician came over at 7:30 am this morning, so I got to watch him work. I must admit, I am revising my understanding of the sequencer from 90% down to about 50%. Boy, I would have screwed this up big time!

We have lukewarm heat now. I have one more thing to take care of and our 7-month oddysey for forced-air heating should be over. I wired the furnace for 10kW, but to run best it needs a 15kW set-up. That means that only one of these two switches is active:

Notice the black and white wires only go into the switch on the right. All I need to do is fill the big hole in our circuit-breaker panel marked 9-11-13-15 with a double-pole 30 amp fuse:

Then I will run 10-gauge wire from the fuse to the furnace, and we'll be warm this year.

Electricity is our very dangerous friend!

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