Mount Hood Community College

This week we were at Mount Hood Community College to get the year started there. I posted about the ministry at MHCC here. Here are a few pictures from Wednesday, when my colleague, Josiah, and I were there.

I had a good talk with Sara (below in the pink shirt), who is a Christian student wanting to be a doctor. We talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the peer-review process in science. this basically is the procedure by which the scientific community decides what to accept as truth and what to reject. The strength is that it allows a tight control on what passes for fact. The weakness is that many things which challenge the accepted norm will be rejected, and some will later prove to be true. So, the scientific community wold say that intelligent design is false because no peer-reviewed study has ever been accepted or published. This is not the same as saying something is not true, however. It merely means that majority consensus thinks a certain way.

For an interesting example of how peer-review rejected a true hypothesis, read here. Even more interesting is that this story is about my great-uncle.

Read here to see how peer-review initially rejected Charles Darwin's theory.

Here are David, at left, our key leader at MHCC, and Josiah, center, talking with Tim, a student hurt by and hostile toward Christianity:

All in all, a very good day.

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