Great news on the news

I saw this last night on the news. Apparently El Nino will be returning this year. As we all know from Chris Farley, 'El Nino' is Spanish for 'The Nino'.

I am excited for the potential warmer, dryer Northwest winter. Pretty much anything will be dryer than last year's winter, with 37 straight days of rain at one point, one day off, and then two more weeks straight.

The only downside is having to listen to everyone around here complain about how dry the winter is. I swear, I can't think of any other place where everyone complains because it rains too much, but then when it's dry, everyone laments about how we're just not getting enough rain.

That and all the global warming doom and gloom should ensure that Anne won't let me watch the news with her this winter, all the better to not have to listen to me comment on all this while she is trying to hear what the weather guy is saying.

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Sara said...

stacie and i watched tommy boy the other day and i thought of you two a lot. :)