Concordia update

I mentioned a few days back that we have a good partnership with the campus leadership of Concordia University. Their campus ministers have been very welcoming and encouraging of our partnership. Here is an update from Darcy, their Director of Christian Education:

"Thank you so much for your support and interest! As always it is deeply appreciated. We too have had a record year of participation with Night Chapel attendance booming, record number going on the Christian Life Ministry Retreat, and record number attending Beautiful Feet Mission conference in November. So God is good! We have been milking the benefits of the gifts you have given. We gave out the water bottles at our activities fair, stuffed with flyers for our various ministries and the highlighters as well.

Our CLM team have received copies of Case for Christ and Blue Like Jazz so that at the beginning of second semester we can start 4 or five small groups that will discuss the book! Our team is very excited about that because we can give the students the books and it can be an amazing outreach tool that can unify the campus community!! Thanks so much for all you have done."

God is blessing both of our ministries as we work together to bring Him glory and to tell the lost about Jesus.

Interestingly, Portland Metro CCC has an unusual partnership such as this with the University Of Portland, a Catholic school, as well. I will post more on that at a later date.

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