More thoughts on ministry

I began a few days ago to chronicle my thoughts and experiences related to ministry. I will be doing so for several more posts, because I have enjoyed the journey thus far, and God has shown me much that I am eager to share with friends, family, students, and supporters.

My previous post on this topic was perhaps read by some to be cynical - it was not meant to be. No change can happen until we are discontent with the status quo (or by accident, too, I guess). I believe that God in His wisom is not shy about letting us experience discontent at times to teach us, change us, or lead us.

An example is this: no one goes on a diet for fun. A person diets because for whatever reason and to whatever degree, they are discontent with their appearance, weight, fitness, what have you. It is their very discontent that leads them to enact change in their habits. As any dieter knows, merely reforming habits is rarely enough, though. Thoughts and attitudes must change too - that discontentment must work itself into a person's very attitude toward food or exercise of their health before success is attainable. The reformation of habits is only temporary unless the mind changes too.

So has my journey been. My mind has changed a great deal toward ministry. I think the change has been very healthy. In the coming days you can decide for yourself!

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