Kid Logic

This week we had a bit of a school crisis with Alex...we decided at the last minute to switch him to a Pre-K program in a different school. Alex sometimes gets upset when things don't go the way he expects them to (as do his Mom and Dad), and so we have been trying to emphasize positives and feel him out for how he is doing without making a big deal about the whole thing.

Today he was telling Anne and I all about his class, and what a great time he was having...crafts, and reading stories, and playing at recess. Finally, he gave us a bit of a sheepish look and told us that they had Oreos for a snack today.

Well, I thought that sounded great, so I told Alex that I thought that maybe next week I could go to school instead of him, so I could eat Oreos, play at recess, read stories, and make crafts too. He thought about this for a second. His reply:

"Well, Dad, sometimes they throw you out of the window, you know."

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