Running around on the weekend

Early on Sunday morning, our family all participated in The Race For The Cure in Portland. Anne and I ran the 5k and the kids did the 1-mile run/walk. In their case it was run/walk/jump off stuff/bump into strangers.

Alex is the early riser of the house. When I went into his room at 5:30 am to get him up to get ready, he sat straight up and got out of bed wide-eyed, and was down the stairs before I knew what was going on.

The event itself was neat. There were almost 50,000 total participants, and it was wall-to-wall people. Being a breast cancer survivor celebration, women outnumbered men by about 10-to-1. As you can imagine, Allison drew smiles and comments all morning long.

At times, the sanctimony of a few of the sponsors made me laugh. Chevron at a cancer awareness function? In Portland, the bootcamp of the environmental revolution? Hmmm...chemicals and pollution at a health and well-being gathering. And Quilted NorthernUltra , in their own words, were there "Quiltin' for a cure." I'm sorry, toilet paper just cannot do anything to be taken seriously by me, except not be there when it is needed.

I ate a Pria bar. It said it was nutrition for women. I liked it too. I may eat another one sometime.

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Heidi said...

Sounds like fun! Alex and Allison look so cute in their race shirts!