Saturday leadership

Today was our big leadership kick-off for the year. We gathered student leaders together from several of the campuses in our scope to hear vision for ministry from the staff team and to give the students some equipping and tools to use throughout the year.

All told, we had 35-40 student leaders there. These students are the very best people. They love Jesus, they work hard to lead their ministries, and they are fun to be around. We are fortunate to be entrusted with such treasures!

If you have read a couple of my past postings, you know that I have been excited to impart to the students a couple of philosophical changes in the way we see and do ministry on campus this year. I will definitely go into more detail in future postings. Suffice to say that we as a team are pondering a return to a more simple, prayer-oriented, relational style of ministry that emphasizes mission and service as the cornerstones of our outreach. We will still use Campus Crusade tools and resources because they are very good, but we are moving toward a slightly different context in which they are used.

I promise to elaborate soon. This is something that I am excited to be a part of!

Thanks for praying for this leadership time, too. We felt your prayers and were encouraged by them.

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